Friday, September 25, 2009

Health care concerns...

You hear about it almost every day from every mode of media---Health Care. It is the leading story. Whether it is about reform or issues, health care is a concern to all of us.

When most HMO's and PPO's seem to be cutting back their therapy or rehab appointments, personal trainers are stepping up to fill that need.

Why? Because with proper exercise and conditioning, for pennies of what it costs to heal the sick, personal trainers can give specific attention to what 'ails' you. When you hear about what ailments are plaguing this nation, you hear these: stress, depression, anxiety, obesity, eating disorders, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes--to name a few. What if instead of treating these diseases, we work on preventing them with proper nutrition and exercise conditioning? Wouldn't that save a whole lot of money for us personally and 'us' as a nation?

Tell me what you think...

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